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Gamification Services

I provide gamification configuration, customization, and consultation for websites based on LMS, Membership, E-Commerce, etc.

GamiPress Services

I have been actively using different gamification plugins to generate income for other people's websites and give them the solution they need. By awarding users with (points, badges, and ranks) and displaying them on a scoreboard that shows where they stand among their peers, GamiPress enables you to include your users in the activities on your site using GamiPress.

myCred Services

MyCred customisation offers a variety of options to help you create the best possible webpage. This plugin provides countless options for point-based features that can differentiate your website. You may set up a website with the features that are most useful to you. You may count on me to use my knowledge to assist you in gamifying your WordPress website using myCred.

I offer GamiPress and myCred configuration, customization and consultation




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